[ Vol. 6 No. 3 ] (September - December 2005 )
Home enteral nutrition for post-gastrectomy patients: seamless nutrition support from hospital care to home care

Michio Maruyama
Tokyo Metropolitan Ohkubo Hospital, Japan


Objectives: Using jejunostomy catheter which was put in the gastrectomy operation, enteral nutrition was performed not only after the operation in hospital, but after discharge at home for maintaining the nutritional status.

Methods: Using NCJ (Needle Catheter Jejunostomy) kit (8,9Fr), jejunostomy was performed to the gastric cancer patients at the operation of gastrectomy, especially for total gastrectomy. Jejunal catheter was inserted from Y-loop when total gastrectomy and Roux-en Y anastomosis underwent. Early enteral nutrition therapy was started after the operation as the management of post-operation. If the patients could not eat enough, patients learned the method of home enteral nutrition during the hospitalization. The patients performed home enteral nutrition at night at home about 400-1200 kcak/day.

Results:230 gastric cancer patients received the jejuostomy. 44 patients with gastrectomy for gastric cancer performed the home enteral nutrition. They maintain the good QOL and nutritional status at home care.

Conclusions:HEN using jejunostomy is useful for maintain the nutritional status after the gastrectomy.

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