Article 1 Name

           The organization was founded in 1995 in Chiang Rai, Thailand, shall be named Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia.
The initials PENSA may also refer it to.

Article 2 Goals

The goals of the Society are:

2.1 To educate and share information, thereby raising the awareness of physicians, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists and others, about the importance of parenteral and enteral nutrition support and the role of interdisciplinary nutrition support teams.
2.2 To promote research and the transfer of information from research to the practicing clinician, in the field of parenteral and enteral nutrition.
2.3 To increase public awareness of the need for nutrition support in Asia.
2.4 To promote contact with national regional organizations with similar objectives and provide an international forum to exchange clinical nutrition experiences and scientific data.

Article 3 Structure

3.1 The Society Center (PENSA Center) shall be in Thailand at the Research Center for Nutritional Support :

                4th Floor, Department of Nutrition Building
                Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
                Bangkok-Noi, Bangkok, 10700 Thailand
                Tel (66-2) 419-7740-1, Fax (66-2) 4129841

      a. The permanent PENSA Center will be the center for communication between council and will operate the web site for communication with members and other organizations.
      b. The permanent PENSA Center will be where all material matter is displayed or stored.

3.2 The Society comprises;

      a. Membership (See Article 4 Membership)
      b. The Council (See section 3.3)
      c. The Executive Committee (See section 3.4)

3.3 The Council

           The Council consists of members of the Executive Committee (See section 3.4)

      3.3.1 one representative of each member National/Regional Society.
      3.3.2 one councilor representing each of the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dietetics. Each national/regional member will nominate the name with his or her CV. Of the candidate of each field to Executive Committee for selection and appointment.
  The Council shall be approved by the Executive Committee from the nominations received from the National/Regional Societies. The Council shall be appointed at the General Meeting of the Society during the Congress.
      3.3.3 The term of the Council is 4 years.

3.4 The Executive Committee

           The Executive Committee consists of the President, Immediate Past President-elect, Treasurer, ex-officio Secretary and Executive Director.

           Under normal circumstances, the President should be elected from members of the National/Regional proposed for the next Congress.

           The President and President-elect shall serve for one year only and shall be ineligible for re-election to the same office until one further term has elapsed.

            The President-elect automatically becomes the next President.

            The President automatically becomes Immediate Past President.

           The Executive Director of PENSA Center shall automatically become Executive Committee member of PENSA.>

           The office of Treasurer and ex-officio Secretary may be held for any number of one-year terms.

           The Executive Committee shall be elected annually at the General Meeting of the Society during the Congress.


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