Nutrition and Metabolic Support in Clinical Practice

This book contains a comprehensive range of chapters on malnutrition..


Chapter 1

Nutrition support for hospitalized patients
Prasong Tienboon (Thailand)

Chapter 2

Nutrition and metabolic straegies for supporting the gut and preventing intestinal failure
Douglas W. Wilmore (USA)

Chapter 3

Pathophysiology of malnutrition in nutritional support
Bruce R. Bistrian (USA)

Chapter 4

Hyperglycemia in nutritional Support
Bruce R. Bistrian (USA)

Chapter 5

Micronutrients in critical-ill patients
Surat Komindr (Thailand)

Chapter 6

Serial serum prealbumin levels (P-alb) predict survival in nutritionalsupport patients
Chulaporn Roongpisuthipong, et al. (Thailand)

Chapter 7

Role of single nutrient in immune function
Hideaki Saito (Japan)

Chapter 8

Nutritional Support in immunocompromized patients
Hideaki Saito (Japan)

Chapter 9

Nutrition support in human immunodeficiency virus infection
Prasong Tienboon (Thailand)

Chapter 10

Nutritional support in immunocompromised patients, enteral nutrition in severely burned patients
Chomchark Chuntrasakul (Thailand)

Chapter 11

Improvement of immunity and gut function by oral glutamine supplement in esophageal cancer patients receiving radio-chemotherapy
Shogo Yoshida, et al. (Japan)

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