Nutrition and Metabolic Support in Clinical Practice

This book contains a comprehensive range of chapters on malnutrition..


Chapter 12

The different response of immunity between the patients with mild and moderate to severe sepsis after fed with immunomodulation diet
Tsann-Long Hwang, et al. (Taiwan)

Chapter 13

Nutritional support in ICU : Total parenteral nutrition
Walter WK. King (Hong Kong)

Chapter 14

Perioperative nutritional support
Hideaki Saito (Japan)

Chapter 15

Early enteral nutrition in surgical patients
Kenneth A. Kudsk (USA)

Chapter 16

Nutritional support in multisystem organ failure
Bruce R. Bistrian (USA)

Chapter 17

Effect of nocturnal hyperalimentation after surgery
Takashi Higashiguchi, et al. (Japan)

Chapter 18

Optimal infusion rate of medium chain triglyceride emulsion as determined by a triglyceride clamp technique
Keiji Iriyama, et al. (Japan)

Chapter 19

Enteral nutrition support in pediatrics
George L. Baker (USA)

Chapter 20

Nutrition support for young children with beta-thalassemia major
Prasong Tienboon (Thailand)

Chapter 21

Nutritional management of inborn error of metabolism
Pipop Jirapinyo (Thailand)

Chapter 22

Leptin administration produces anorexia and weight loss without inducing either an hepatic acute phase reponse or somatic protein losses
Shogo Yoshida, et al. (Japan)