Article 4 Membership

           Membership is open to all people wishing to support the objectives of the Society and agreeing to abide by its Constitution. Members of societies of parenteral and enteral nutrition support in any countries in Asia shall automatically be members of the Society (See section 4.3 on block membership) upon payment of membership fee.

4.1 Membership Categories

           Society membership shall be divided into four categories:

    4.1.1 Active Member, Active membership is open to all professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, and others such as scientists and technologists, who have paid an annual membership fee. Active members are eligible for election to office and entitled to vote at membership meetings.
    4.1.2 Honorary Member, Honorary membership is open to members of the Society who have distinguished themselves in service to the Society or to persons who have been invited to participate in the activities of the Society by its Council in recognition of special contributions in the field of nutrition.Honorary membership is conferred upon any person proposed by the Council and voted favorably upon by more than two thirds of the members present. Honorary members pay no membership fee, are not eligible for election to office, but are entitled to vote at membership meetings.
    4.1.3 Supporting Member, Supporting membership is open to companies, Trusts or Foundations giving substantial material aid to reach the objectives of the Society. Supporting members pay an annual membership fee, are not eligible for election to office, and are not entitled to vote at membership meetings. Supporting membership provides affiliate membership for two individuals.
    4.1.4 Affiliate Member, Affiliate membership is open to students of disciplines qualifying for active membership or an industry sales/marketing representative or others who are not eligible for active membership. Affiliate members pay an annual membership fee, are not eligible for election to office, but are entitled to vote at membership meetings.

4.2 Membership Fees

           Fees for the membership categories and block membership (See Section 4.3) are determined by a majority vote of the Council of the Society by a majority vote of the Council of the Society.

4.3 Block Membership

         Block membership allows for reduced Society membership fees when an Asian national/regional society of parenteral and enteral nutrition support collects fees from National/regional society members and pays the Society in lump sum.

4.4 Termination of Membership

         Membership may be terminated by resignation, which must be made in writing to the Society Treasurer six months before the end of the financial year.

         Members who have not paid their membership fee are given 60 days once notification is sent, will be consider terminated by resignation

Article 5 Language

         The official language of the Society is English

Article 6 Membership Meeting

6.1 Types of membership meetings

      a. Congress The scientific meeting of the Society shall be called the PENSA Congress and will be held on a yearly basis unless decided differently by the Council.
      b. The General Meeting of the members shall be held during the Congress for the announcement of the results of the election for officers and for the transaction of such other business as may come before it.
      c. Special; Special meetings of the members may be called by the President upon written request of ten percent of the members.
      d. Council; Meetings of the Council shall be held at least annually during the Congress. The incoming Council shall meet for the first time at the Congress following elections at the General Meeting. The Council decides on all aspects of policy and management of the Society. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to make decisions in the interim between full Council meetings.
           i. Quorum
           Ten percent or more of the voting members in good standing present in person or by proxy shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and, unless otherwise required bylaws, may act by a majority of those so present.
           ii. Proxy Voting: Mail Ballot
           Members may vote by proxy at membership meeting only in accordance with procedures adopted by Council. (To be done at a later date and included in Constitution)

6.2 Notice and Minutes.

      a. Notice
      Written notice of the date, time, and place of the General Meeting of the members and any special meetings of the members, along with an agenda, shall be signed by the President and shall be distributed by ex-officio Secretary to each National / Regional member of the Society at least ten days and not more than sixty days before the time appointed for the meeting.
      b. Minutes
      The decisions of the membership meetings are communicated to all members through the minutes. After approval by the officers concerned, the minutes are circulated to all members by the ex-officio Secretary and adopted at the following PENSA Congress.

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